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schülke - microshield® handrub solution- alcohol based hand rub solution ,MICROSHIELD ® Handrub Solution is used undiluted to rapidly disinfect the hands. Easy and convenient to use, a popular choice for those who prefer a liquid alcohol based hand rub. Available in 125ml and 500ml.WHO | Alcohol-Based Handrub Risks/HazardsQ: What are the fire hazards relating to alcohol-based hand rub? A: All alcohol based products are potentially flammable and therefore they should be stored away from high temperatures and flames. The WHO suggests that all health-care organisations currently using alcohol-based handrub should undertake local risk assessments.

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In the perception survey, "strong smell of hand alcohol" as a reason for non-compliance increased significantly in the departments with intervention (10.1% to 22.9%; P = 0.021).

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WHO | Alcohol-Based Handrub Risks/Hazards

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Jun 29, 2016·Q: Our hospital bulk stores alcohol based hand-rub (ABHR) sanitizer containers of 1000 ML (33.8 fl. oz.) per container & 750 ML (25 fl. oz.) per container in its housekeeping department for future placement on the units. The 1000 ML containers have 62% ethyl alcohol, which the 750 ML containers have 70% ethyl alcohol.

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In an article published in August 2018 authors reported some findings regarding the tolerance of Enterococcus faecium to alcohol(1). The study found that some strains of E.faecium collected after 2010 were more tolerant to a 23% alcohol solution when compared to older E.faecium strains, suggesting a potential increase of tolerance to low concentrations of alcohol.

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