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Anatomical Surgical Hand Scrub - YouTube- sterile hand washing technique ,Dec 14, 2018·Surgical site infections (SSIs) remain a prevalent threat to patient safety. Proper surgical hand scrub or rub techniques are essential to decreasing the inc...How To Perform Surgical Hand ScrubsMay 01, 2001·Surgical Scrub Techniques. All sterile team members should perform the hand and arm scrub before entering the surgical suite. The basic principle of the scrub is to wash the hands thoroughly, and then to wash from a clean area (the hand) to a less clean area (the arm). A systematic approach to the scrub is an efficient way to ensure proper ...


After scrubbing, dry with a sterile towel. When washing times are too short or technique is poor, these problems may occur: Fingertips, thumbs, and the areas between the fingers are washed poorly or may be skipped entirely. The dominant hand is generally washed less thoroughly than the nondominant hand.

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Aseptic Hand Washing and Sterile Gloving - YouTube

Jun 29, 2015·Aseptic Hand Washing and Sterile Gloving. Aseptic Hand Washing and Sterile Gloving. Skip navigation Sign in. ... Correct Handwashing Technique - Duration: 3:20. Vygon UK 362,883 views.

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Waterless, alcohol-based hand sanitizers that exhibit persistent activity (that is, effectiveness for six hours) and comply with guidelines and/or criteria from the USP, the FDA, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are among the most effective products that ensure an appropriate level of hand hygiene during compounding.

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Aseptic Technique: Uses, Benefits, and Complications

Sep 29, 2018·Aseptic technique is a procedure used by medical staff to prevent the spread of infection. The goal is to reach asepsis, which means an environment that is free of harmful microorganisms.

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Surgical Hand Washing Steps | Faculty of Medicine

Aug 20, 2020·Traditionally, the surgical hand scrub was performed by using an antimicrobial agent and a sterile sponge and brush to clean the nails, hands, and forearms. In recent years, a brushless technique using an agent with 50% to 90% alcohol combined with chlorhexidine gluconate has been introduced as an alternative to the traditional surgical hand scrub.

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Surgical Scrubbing, Gowning and Gloving - OSCE guide ...

Surgical scrub Pre-scrub wash. 1. Run the tap to an adequate temperature and flow (to avoid water splashing). Then test the water before starting to scrub to ensure the temperature is comfortable. 2. Open the package containing the nail brush/scrub sponge and nail pick, then lie it on the back of the scrub sink still in the opened package.. 3. Wet the hands and arms for an initial pre-scrub wash.

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